Instructions for Growing Figs from Cuttings

“There is just one and only one right way

to take a stick and make it root and grow.

The only way to go is coco coir.”

an expert tells me. “I’ve been doing this

since Hector was a pup. I’m telling you

you wanna tree, you gotta do it right,

and coco coir’s the only way to go”


“I started mine last January. Look,

they’re five feet tall, already full of figs.”

another expert tells me. “Don’t believe

that nonsense. All you need is just a cup

of water. Stick the cuttings in. They’ll root.”


Another expert: “If your cuttings get

too wet they’ll rot instead of rooting I

have seen it happen. You will kill your trees

before they ever have a chance to grow”


“Try perlite, slightly damp, with bottom heat.”


“You want to fry your babies? Don’t do that.”


“In Fall I stick my cuttings in the ground

and cover them with leaves. And then in Spring

I dig ‘em up. That’s all you have to do

to grow new trees. it is a waste of time

to try and grow them any other way.”


So now I know the sure fire, proper way

of starting figs from cuttings. Thanks a lot.

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