Protective Coloration


For butterflies with monstrous wing-tipped eyes

(Don’t mess with me!

With eyes this big

the rest of me is even bigger.

I will mess you up!)

and phasmids,

(If you’re looking for a meal

go somewhere else.

I’m just a stick, a leaf.

Go find a bug to eat.)


(I’m just a bit of bark,

a wall,

a bunch of moss.

There’s nothing here that you would ever want to eat,)

the trick to their surviving enemies

is blending in.

They won’t be eaten if they can’t be seen.

They won’t be eaten if there’s nothing there.


A former governor of Michigan

was on “The Dating Game”

before she ever thought of politics.

A college kid, she was

a pretty, mindless ball of fluff.

But she was beautiful

and  never would accomplish anything.


She doesn’t hide behind a pretty face

(stupid bitch)

and so she is attacked, demeaned

and ridiculed for having the temerity

of proving her opponents are buffoons;

(She needs to know her place!)

for giving reasoned, structured arguments instead of bombast.

(We will send her back to serving tacos

to the other trash like her!)

They do not understand why she is more

than empty, mindless, fluff

that can be disregarded,

that they can dismiss.

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