Death in Life

It’s started. Yes. I know I could be wrong.

I hope I am. But this time I’m afraid

I’m right and there is nothing I can do

but watch the dissolution, death in life,

the slowly creeping emptiness within.

There’s simply, “I forgot.” We all forget

but there’s forgetting and forgetting all,

forgetting everything that makes us us.

A name is lost? It doesn’t matter if

the name belongs to someone from your past.

But what if it’s your daughter’s name or if

you can’t remember who your husband is?

Forget your phone at home or where you put

your keys? It doesn’t matter. Everyone’s

forgetful now and then. It doesn’t mean

there’s any cause to worry. After all,

you found them where you left them didn’t you?

When we were fighting cancer there was hope.

The diagnosis didn’t mean you’d die.

There was a chance, a hope that you’d be cured.

But where’s the hope that there’s a cure for this.


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