Living with Monsters

Our yards aren’t meant to be Jurassic Parks.

They are you know. There’s monsters in our yards.

You think I’m loony toons? You’re wrong you know.

You think that just because a dinosaur

is not outside your window or the ghosts

of fifty-five-foot long alligators

or a hoard of zombies can’t be seen

that monsters aren’t inhabiting your yard?

There’s nothing farther from the truth my friend.

They’re there. They’ve shifted shape but they are there—

remorseless killers and destroyers all!

I fight a hopeless fight and bear the scars:

large infected welts from every time

I was attacked. Those vampires sucking blood

are bad enough. The masquerading fiends are worse.

Pretending to be cute, adorable,

they strip my trees of every fruit before

I have a chance to eat a single one.

And even they are not the worst. The worst

are underground. Insidious, they eat

the roots and slowly kill my trees and plants.

Admit it. If you had the power wouldn’t you

destroy, annihilate, and kill them all?

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