Magic Lost

You take a stick, most any stick will do,

and wave it in the air. Of course you need

to chant an incantation. Just make sure

that your pronunciation is correct

and you can conjure anything you want.

You want an elephant, a dinosaur,

a golden castle floating in the air?

It’s all in how you flex and snap your wrist

while chanting. I can’t tell you what to say.

The words and phrases are a secret known

to few who’ve reached the age of reason. We

are old; will never be a kid again,

so all we have and all we’ll ever have

is this: the world we see and hear and feel.

Unfortunately that’s the way it is.

You either have it or you don’t. We’re old,

mature, responsible, adults. It’s sad,

but losing magic is the price we paid

for growing up, for living in the world,

for losing the ability to play.

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