Sorry Kid

This latest crop of kids has started worrying

that they’ll be pushed aside. That they’ll be dumped,

abandoned, and ignored. We felt the same

when we were kids; when we were still in charge.

We’d see the grey and wrinkles in the mirror

and wonder how much longer it would be

before the kids would push us out. Now you

are looking in the mirror and you think

the same. How much longer will you have

before this newest generation says

it’s time that you, like us, should be replaced;

that you’re no longer good enough to rule,

to be the ones controlling everything?

You won’t get any sympathy from me.

If you retire and find your golden years

are filled with tarnished trash instead of gold.

When you, like us are superseded by

the newest crop of kids, remember what

your parents used to say: Get over it.

Remember, even though you think you’re old,

You’re still a kid. So leave the house and play

instead of drinking in a darkened room.

Of course I must admit I’m still a kid.

And even though, to you, I might seem old,

I’m still a kid, and I’m not finished yet.

So pack yourself away when you’re replaced.

Pretend you’re old and act like you are old

at fifty, sixty, seventy. Not me.

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