The Teachable Moment

I guess it’s possible you might be right.

It’s possible the sun has just gone out.

It’s possible a meteor will hit

you while you stand here arguing with me.

It’s possible, but is it probable?

I do not mean to denigrate your work,

but what have you accomplished? Who are you

to tell me I am wrong? You only go

to some piss-poor, podunk, nothing school;

and probably you only scrape by there.

And publications? Honors? Which of us

is the acknowledged expert in the field?

Forget about your theory. It’s just wrong.

I proved it wrong. You must have read my book.

It is required reading after all.

It’s good you’re passionate about your work,

but passion must give way to cold, hard facts.

The fact is you are wrong, and I am right.

It isn’t worth discussing anymore.

Enjoy the conference. When there’s something new

to learn, there’s always something new to learn,

be sure to listen with an open mind.

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