The Kitchen Sink

I’m curious why everybody knows

that washing machines and driers eat socks,

but no one seems to recognize the fact

that kitchen sinks are fecund. They give birth

to dirty dishes. Eat a bowl of soup

and put it in the sink then leave the room.

When you return the bowl won’t be alone.

A glass and grapefruit knife will be there too.

There hasn’t been a grapefruit in the house

for years and yet the knife is in the sink.

And dinner. You have cooked a simple meal

for just the two of you. A single course;

a vegetable, some bread and butter, stew.

A one pot meal for two. But when you’re done,

the counter’s full of dirty pots and pans.

You only made a single pot of stew

and yet the counter and the sink are full.

There’s six or seven plates, a hoard of forks

and spoons and knives, and somewhere in the pile

will be that grapefruit knife;

the one you never use and threw away.


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