On the Way to St. Pancras’s Station

The Underground in London. “Mind the Gap.”

a very pleasant voice keeps telling me.

I’ve never been inside a Gap. Not there

in London. Never anywhere at all.

And even though the advertisement says

I should, I’ve never fallen in a gap.

But why in London have they mined the gap?

What’s in the gap? What valuables are there?

They’ve mined it to protect their gold and jewels?

Or information’s what is hidden there?

Or possibly the warning “Mind the Gap”

is a despotic order from The GAP.

“You will obey! If not, you’ll be destroyed!

I am The GAP. I am the only mind,

the only thought, the only will that counts!”

Or is nirvana in the gap and if

I meditate when passing through the gap

I’ll reach a higher state of consciousness.

I’ve reached St. Pancras’s Station. “Mind the gap.”



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