Who Wouldn’t Kill a Fly?

My mother told the story. As a girl

some older kids convinced her she should make

a shoo-fly pie. So all day long she went

and swatted flies and gathered them to eat.


The camera caught Obama in the act.

He killed him. You could see him lying there.

A murdered innocent. The killer caught.

And all the world reacted. Headlines screamed!

Obligatory outrage everywhere.

The head of PETA, interviewed, condemned

the Presidential act as senseless, cruel.


And I reacted too. Of course my soul’s

depraved and twisted and condemned to hell.

I thought, good riddance. I would kill them all.

And while I’m at it all mosquitoes too.

Imagine if you will, my evil laugh,

and death, destruction, murder everywhere.


The Great John L. was fast enough to snatch

a fly out of the air then let it go.

Of course he was the world champion

and so for him allowance must be made.

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