To Get Me Started

Will coriander work? Or Charlemagne?

The coreopsis blooming? Candle light?

There isn’t any word . . . . The copula!

I can’t believe that none of them will work.

I used a coriander colander

and put the coriander in the sink

to strain the cooked spaghetti. It’s a mess.

The dinner’s ruined. Spaghetti, parsley

clogs the sink. A total waste. Disaster.

Champaign might work instead of Charlemagne.

Whoever heard of drinking Charlemagne?

The Holy Roman Empire: Gaseous, dead.

The effervescent bubbles put an end to it.

And now the coreopsis fails to stand

against barbarians and infidels.

It wilted just when it was needed most.

And candle light? There isn’t any light.

The night is empty, moribund, and dark.

The copula? There is no sense of self

without it. So I guess I’ll start with that.

The cupola . . . .

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